PM / Road Service Program

Hews Company, LLC recognizes that a key part of keeping truck equipment safe and productive is having a proper preventative maintenance schedule. As a result, Hews Company, LLC has developed a customizable Fleet Preventative Maintenance (PM) Road Service Program for truck mounted cranes and demountable forklifts. Our PM program includes all of the necessary service requirements. We will provide this service to ensure that your fleet experiences the following benefits:

Reduced downtime – Reduced overhead cost – Improved reliability and productivity – Enhanced safety and quality conditions


The Hews Company’s Fleet PM Road Service Program consists of a three-level system and covers all of your fleet’s truck mounted crane and demountable forklift service requirements ranging from the most basic lubrication schedule to a complete, annual inspection. All services provided will be completed by Hews Company, LLC ASE-certified Master Truck Equipment Technicians and qualified crane inspectors to satisfy the following safety inspection requirements:

OSHA 1910.180 – Crawler locomotive and truck crane OSHA 1926. Subpart CC – Cranes & Derricks in Construction ANSI B30. – Mobile and Locomotive Cranes ANSI B30.22-2000 – Articulating Boom Cranes


Based on alignment with the equipment’s annual inspection(an OSHA requirement for truck mounted cranes), the most effective preventative maintenance schedule includes the following:

A-Level PM

Basic grease and lubrication service. Scheduled 90 days, 6 months, and 9 months from time of annual inspection. (Service time: 2.5 hours)

B-Level PM (Truck Mounted Cranes Only):

Optional, comprehensive grease and lubrication service, including operational review of key equipment components. Scheduled in lieu of 6 month A-Level PM, if necessary. (Service time: 4-5 hours)

C-Level PM:

Annual inspection*. (Service time: Full day)
*OSHA requirement for truck mounted cranes
For a more detailed information on our PM services, please contact our office or call 207-767-2136.